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Happy Birthday, Baby Sear!!!

This morning has been filled with lots of snuggles and cuddles. I want to enjoy this day over and over again. This little human being has made me who I am today.


Dieting is not my favorite. If you disagree with that statement because your Keto or Paleo diet is working for you, then great! However, the reason why dieting does NOT work for everyone is because some people’s taste buds (like mine) do not have the will power to resist umm let’s see… COOKIES, bread, cheese, cereal, etc. So Imma teach y’all how to substitute your favorite foods. (more…)

Why I Eat Healthy

In 2016 I got extremely sick and failed out of a few of my college classes. I was so sick that sometimes my stomach would regurgitate water. I couldn’t keep hardly anything down. What kept me alive were the multivitamins and minerals that I was taking every day. I also learned to pack smoothies with the most nutrients I could find. I sipped on a smoothie for the whole day. I found out I had Gastroparesis. Gastroparesis is when your stomach muscles become paralyzed and your body can’t pass food from the stomach to the rest of your digestive system. I read a lot of stories/blogs of people who suffer from this. The majority of people were taking medicine, living off of saltine crackers and Gatorade, or had a feeding tube placed in the wall of their small intestine. (more…)

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