1/4 of a Century

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However, I am SO happy I’m 25. I feel like I’m starting a new, better chapter of my life. My husband and son have taught me so much this past year of being 24. Buuuuut, I’m ready to move on. I used to be extremely afraid of aging. Even most of my skin care products are anti-aging. My husband always says that I shouldn’t be afraid of aging, and that it’s actually a good thing. He talks about how as we grow older, we have more experience and knowledge. He also says to not worry about aging because I get hotter every day and when I’m in my 90’s, I’ll be at my peak of hotness. hahaha.

Well, I wish I could make a list of all the wonderful things I have learned this past year. Instead, I’m going to write about them in my blog.

Life is great. Life is challenging. Fortunately, we get to choose which aspect we rather focus on.

Here’s to the best year of my life… 25!

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