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Dieting is not my favorite. If you disagree with that statement because your Keto or Paleo diet is working for you, then great! However, the reason why dieting does NOT work for everyone is because some people’s taste buds (like mine) do not have the will power to resist umm let’s see… COOKIES, bread, cheese, cereal, etc. So Imma teach y’all how to substitute your favorite foods.

Also, if you want to tell me what your favorite meals are, I can tell you which ingredients to substitute to make it more healthy.

Our goal is to keep your taste buds your buds while getting the most nutrient-packed food to fuel your body.

Let’s start with the basics:

Got white bread? Throw that out. Go get yourself some sprouted bread/Ezekiel bread. You can read why it’s awesome for you if you click this.

Love yogurt? Try Kefer instead. Kefer has double the amount of protein and wayyy more good bacteria for your gastrointestinal tract. Click this to learn more.

Sugar addict? Substitute all of the sugar you eat with agave syrup, honey, coconut sugar, or even 100% pure maple syrup. If your taste buddies are more disciplined, then only eat the best kind of sugar which is the good ole natural kind that you find in fruit.

Are you a cheese fanatic? Have dairy-free cheese. There’s way less fat and way more protein than regular cheese from the utters.

So this is just a start. I’ll be adding more stuff later. <3

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