Happy Birthday, Baby Sear!!!

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This morning has been filled with lots of snuggles and cuddles. I want to enjoy this day over and over again. This little human being has made me who I am today.

Sometimes I wish all of the people who are against having kids, could have just one kid. They would learn a joy and a depth of love incomparable to no other. Above all, they would learn more about how Heavenly Father feels about all of us. This past year has helped me to see the Light of Christ more than I have experienced in my life. I go to bed with peace knowing that I have learned something new. And then sometimes I wake up again in a few hours because he’s teething haha. Anyways, this post is dedicated to Sear. I want to write him a letter that he can cherish forever.

My sweet, precious, baby Sear,

You got here two weeks early because I’m pretty sure you were too excited to discover this world. Your excitement to discover everything is apparent in how you react to every situation. Sometimes I think you haven’t enjoyed being a baby. I think it’s because your spirit is mighty and strong. However, you have only seen your physical limitations from being a baby as only as a small challenge. Even when you were a newborn, you didn’t want to be cradled and rocked liked one. You have always wanted to sit up straight and see the world how people older than you view it. You never liked being swaddled. You persistently tried to wiggle your way out, no matter how tight your dadda tucked you in. A little bit before you turned 3 months, you could hold your head up by yourself. At 4 months, you started rolling over and sitting up without help. When you were 6 months, you said “Mamma.” I cried. You also started saying, “Dadda and Papa” a little bit after. You began pulling yourself up onto things a little bit before you turned 8 months. My heart melted when you held onto my leg the first time. Your first right bottom tooth fiercely came in during your 8th month. You also began to understand what “no” means around that time as well. You still think it’s funny to shake your head at us when we tell you not to do something. Aaaand you still do it while cracking up or you give up and start crying. The past couple of months you have shown us your Latino side. Your dance moves (head banging and wiggling) are worthy of a trophy. A day before you turned 11 months, you started to walk by yourself. Anyways, you’ve accomplished a LOT in the past year. You’ve also been very good about communicating your needs and wants– thank you! Your dad and I are so proud! Most importantly, thanks for making us laugh and cry. Let’s be real, I’ve cried with you on several occasions. I want you to know that whenever you mourn, I will mourn with you. Whenever you laugh, I will laugh with you. I want to be there to celebrate all of the highs and lows in life. Remember, the lows are worth celebrating because we can always learn something from them and become better. Your dad and I love you so much. You have a Heavenly Father and Savior who somehow love you more. That’s hard for me to comprehend just because of the love I feel for you. I’m happy that you can pray and receive guidance and direction that I might not be able to give. They know you better than I know you. I hope you cling to the Savior during each moment and basque in His infinite love and peace. And in those moments when it is hard to feel that, I hope you do what He asks of us and that is to believe. I love you, my sweet child.




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