“You carry one baby. I’ll carry the other.”

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Yup, that’s right BABY NUMBA TWO is coming at the end of April.



So before you go projecting our life onto your’s thinking, “Oh my goodness! Why?? You already have a baby!”……..

Guess what??

We want more.

For real though, babies are miracles. Do y’all know how hard it is to get pregnant?? You seriously have a tiny window of time each month. Aaaand everything health-wise needs to be going great with the man and the woman. Even then, you might not get pregnant because an imbalance of hormones could be interfering. Anyways, we know for sure that this baby is a miracle. We talked and prayed about how we wanted to conceive in August. However, the odds were not in my favor. I actually went to the hospital a couple of times for ovarian cyst issues this past summer. It was shocking when the doctor told me I am pregnant.

Anyways, we are very happy that our babies will be 19 months apart. So we hope y’all are happy as well!



6 Comments to “ “You carry one baby. I’ll carry the other.””

  1. Hillary says :Reply

    Cute baby bump❤️ Congrats!

  2. Vicki Dooley says :Reply

    Congratulations! What a sweet family you have.

  3. Terry says :Reply

    Congratulations another to add to the family tree

  4. Rachel says :Reply

    Wohoo!!! I’m so happy your prego!!

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